Wednesday, November 26, 2008

David Lee, The Pig Poet of Utah

From his collection, News from Down to the Cafe... like Tom Waits without the music.

Sonata in Red

"On a field, Sable, the letter A, Gules."

Timmons Adam was upwards
of sixty-eight years old retired
from being a teller at J.R. Potts bank
when he came in the cafe
the first time alone
after living in town his whole life

he and his wife were married
long enough they both knew
they didn't like each other
also knew there wasn't anything
they could do to do
anything about it
so they waited it out

she kept a short leash
we figured she figured
if she didn't want anything
to do with him
nobody else could either
watched a lot of TV

it was a miracle
she died first
he buried her in her own
family plot
opened up all the curtains
let some air
blow in the house

Boys he sed the minute he walked in
it's a A for Adam red-letter day
I done read the will
believe I inherited
my own family estate
gentlemen the drinks are on me
we all got a fresh cup of coffee that day

came from then on
almost the rest of his life
right out of bed
for coffee and breakfast
smiling like the sunshine
down to the cafe
wearing a black suitcoat and bow tie
mostly bright red
about every single day

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