Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In My Heart I Have But One Desire...

When I was 20, this was my favorite song. Can you tell I was young and romantic? A better side of myself which is long since burned away. Poor little me!


Anonymous said...

I knew this sounded familiar!

Is it sad that the first time I heard that song was in that promotion?

Great song, though. I've heard a few other Ink Spots songs, and they're good as well.

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

There are not good parts of you that are gone. Only burnished to a richer luster.

I also love The Ink Spots Your Feets Too Big
and Me and My Shawdow. Which I also think is a little scary. eek!

Ana said...

Pulp -- I almost used that clip till I realized what it was! I don't think it's sad at all -- at least you heard it!

Bev-- thank you -- is that song "We Three" or do they actually have two songs about shadows -- which is truly spooky.