Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Man in the Red Truck

On my way to work, I pass a man in a new red Chevy Silverado (extended cab, full-size bed, chrome package) heading in the opposite direction. If I leave the house at 7:02 every day, I'm sure to see him. Even one minute earlier or later, and we miss each other. He waves to me, and recently I've started waving back.

Why does he do this? Because I also drive a Chevy behemoth? Is he flirting? It seems strange to say this, but I look forward to this every day. I know from the Nascar stickers that I see in my rearview mirror that we would have little to nothing in common, but I like this strange, gas-guzzling connection we have. It's just a friendly thing to do in an unfriendly world.


Grumpy Guy said...

Little routines like that are comforting. A small bit of humanity in an otherwise anonymous task.

Anonymous said...

I drive a Hyundai Accent, which is Korea's version of the clown car. I sometimes pass other comically small cars, but we can't wave because there's not enough room to lift our arms.

Ana said...

GG -- yes. I just hope we never run into each other at the grocery store!

Pulp -- ROTFL!!!

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

What if he's Santa? I mean the holidays are coming.

I am just saying.

Ana said...

Yeah, maybe that's why he likes my
'Ho 'Ho 'Ho!

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...