Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Commuter Update

The 'Ho Does it Again

Cape Ann, Massachusetts -- A local woman reports a noticeable increase in men driving Chevy trucks waving in her general direction in the last two weeks. "I just can't believe this keeps happening," the woman stated in a private interview with Truepenny staffers. "It's like I'm a dude magnet." The woman, who has asked to remain unidentified, attributes the attention to her vehicle, a black 2008 Chevy Tahoe with a girl-devil decal on the back window.

In the last two weeks, the female driver reports two new additional "waving relationships" having been established on her drive to and from work, bringing the grand total to three. When asked how she felt about strange men waving at her, she replied, "You can't overthink these things. It's been fun and I'll enjoy it while it lasts." The two new "wavers" drive white and black Chevy Silverado's. "It helps me keep them straight!" she said.


Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...


Ana said...

That's "Ho" to you, young lady. ;-)

Rerun said...

You have staff? Where do I get staff? Did I miss an email again?

Ana said...

Yes, I have staff. Don't you remember? There was definitely an email. You just go to your local community college and sign them up. Bev, don't you have staff?

They work for Keystone beer. A very good investment.