Sunday, December 7, 2008


Given my apparent problem with alcohol, I've decided to go clean today and drink only water and maybe some coffee.

So, what gives, fellow bloggers? Did you guys all go on vacation together and not invite me? Not that I'd blame you -- nobody likes to have a sloppy drunk to look after.

I'm looking forward to your posts!


Rerun said...

Ok, ok, I posted. And I think you will need a new liver.

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Oh, my dear dear Ana,it's time to face facts. How many times have I had to pick you up face first in your own driveway with a paper umbrella behind your ear and a pineapple wedge in your hair. You cannot keep this up. You must promise my from this day on no more frozen drinks! Your going to stick to the hard stuff. Martinis,Old Fashions and Harvey Wallbangers only!

How weird is it that my verification word was

Eva said...

I'm going to sound very rude, but I'm just commenting on Bev's comment... I think I needed a good belly laugh. I'll write some time soon and I'll try not to rant too much. I might even talk about the virtues of being a former Catholic school girl in an all-girl boarding school and all that ensued ;op