Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hindi Sad Diamonds

I remember seeing this in the theater with Bev (I'm going to speak of her as if she's passed on until she submits a new post). This scene has it all -- pageantry, an evil bald villain stalking the young hero, crazy-cool music and a dance number! On the big screen, it took my breath away. I'm reading a book right now in which one of the characters is a Bollywood director and it made me think of this (for obvious reasons).


Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Don't you love Nicole back when her forehead moved?
Ah, those those were the days.

I saw that headdress for sale on a site called for only $1000.00 samoleans. If I'd had the cash I'd be wearing it now!

The late Bev.

Ana said...

That would have been great... then I could have borrowed it!