Monday, December 8, 2008

The Walk of Shame

And to complete my trilogy, I had the interesting experience of having a new "reputation" at work. Apparently, I'm the workplace party girl. At least nobody said I did anything too wildly inappropriate, so I find comfort in that. I did see a group of guys talking who stopped as soon as I walked near them. They all turned, like a three-headed Cerberus, and leered in my general direction. Well, at least they have something fun to remember.

You'll be happy to read I've been dry since 4:00 Saturday afternoon. But I'm going out tonight -- for one beer. I promise!


Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

I don't see having a little rep as being a bad thing. Maybe your the strict teacher, who's hard on everyone, but there are these rumors about her doing wild things that no one has any real details about. Your an enigma. A mystery woman. Let those dogs look and wonder.

Ruthie Burman said...

And how many beers you had on Monday night Missy?

Your fan,