Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Even Dozen

I must stop this blogging every two weeks and be more consistent. Hopefully with almost a week left of vacation, I can do this. Scarlet Shutter's recent post on the 100-word story reminded me of NPR's contest two years ago to see who could write the best novel in 12 words. So I've been messing around with it. Here are my offerings. Any takers?

He drove all night. Rain and snow. Door locked. Long drive home.

She was born. She grew up. She had four kids. She died.

Husband, an electrician. Wife, trusted him. The house burned down. She inside.

It went off. Everything became quiet. Then, a laugh. Without a hitch.

They shouldn't have been in that graveyard at all. Serves 'em right.

She saw her future in her grandmother's eyes. She bought a pistol.


Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

The last two are my absolute favorites!!!
They are all great, but those hit home. Can I try one?
I'll put it on my page so I can count it as an entry. That way I'll feel like I did something for the day.

So glad to see you back out here. I missed your words Man. (said in a hippy voice)

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Ana is my wonderful friend. Her eyes sparkle with genius and mischief.

Red Lips and Cigarette Sticks said...

thanks for your comment! i am now a keen follower of your blog!

Thatsmybike said...

OK I'll try: Mr. Collins is stupid. Can't stand Mr. Darcy. Oops I love him.

Great blog, I know I've been lurking so I thought I should join in.

Ana said...

Thatsmybike! So good to hear from you again! I was beginning to think you were a figment of my overactive imagination. No need to lurk... always join in.

Now, to figure out who you are!

Eva said...

Love it! and feel very guilty for not having done one before... Still need to rake those brains....

Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Now I hear there is a six word challenge! The mind reels.