Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bev (Part II)

So, I couldn't decide which slice o' heaven to honor you with, babycakes or the most incredible use of corrugated cardboard I've ever seen. Either way, I hope your day has been fabulous and that that family of yours did something sweet to reward your own sweetness. I'm bummed that Eva beat me to it, but thanks to her, I didn't miss it entirely! In spite of our stubborn refusal to remember each other's birthdays, I hope you know that I (and all the folks here at Truepenny, Inc.) count you as the coolest friend and neighbor one could ever hope for!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beverly Hamilton Wenham said...

Ahh! I Love my big ole rubber baby, and cardboard cakes. Only you know me so well as to give me two cakes! Yes, I want to eat that baby. Thank you so much my dear, dear friend!!!

aishoka said...

That baby in the oven is horrific. I fear for the impressionable minds in your care.

Eva said...

Why do I love that baby cake so much?... The cardboard cake definitely had me fooled!... I praise Facebook for giving me the gift of memory! ;o)